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6 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding in Hawaii

By: Emily Johnson (Guest Writer)

Destination weddings are increasingly becoming popular among couples who would love to go out of their way on their special day. If you're saving for a destination wedding, compare energy here to see if you can save on your monthly utility bills.

One of the top locations for destination weddings is undoubtedly Hawaii. With its shimmering sands, tropical trees, clear waters, and a perfect climate, the beauty of Hawaii is hard to match. It's the perfect place to go and have your wedding, don't forget though that it's not just the location that you will have to think about. You will also have to think about when you have your wedding, for example, did you realize that March is the most popular month for weddings? There's a lot more to it though, however, for now, let's just think about where you are going to have your wedding.

Here are 6 reasons why Hawaii is the perfect location to tie yourself in holy matrimony. And if you really love to travel, why not try going abroad for your hen and stag dos, for example, a Krakow stag do could give you even more fantastic memories of one the happiest times in your life.

  1. Union with Nature

Your blissful marriage union would become even more romantic and meaningful as you unite with nature as a couple for the first time. The dreamy sunset over the sparkling beach with a beautiful sea breeze under a clear blue sky will be an unforgettable memory for the both of you. Against the backdrop of an enchanting nature, get ready to fall in love with your partner all over again.

  1. Abundance of Adventure

Bonding over activities as a soon to be married couple is the perfect relief you both need from the wedding preparations. Adding a dash of adventure before you tie the nuptials will strengthen you love for each other. From hiking to swimming to other water based activities, immerse yourself in the love for your partner and make the trust fall, both in your adventurous activities and in love.

Destination Weddings - Hawaii

Photo by AngelaCzmiel, CC0 1.0

  1. Jumpstart to Honeymoon

It so happens that a soon to be married couple is so excited to begin their honeymoon that sometimes the wedding preparations can seem like a hindrance for your much-awaited honeymoon destination. By having your wedding, itself in the most ideal honeymoon location in the world, your wedding becomes a honeymoon! Beautiful sandy beaches, pleasant climate and you and your loved one, you can truly begin your honeymoon before even tying the knot at Hawaii. The sweet and savory flavors of Hawaii will truly unite you too in blissful matrimony. If you are a lover of similarly flavorsome candies, check out these candy brands here.

  1. Best Wedding Photos

Apart from that once in a lifetime moment when you look in your partner's eyes and say "I do," some other memories of your wedding are best captured in photographs. In Hawaii, you can be assured that the kind of photos you will get against the lively and vibrant beaches will be unmatched. Your special occasion deserves some special treatment and that is exactly what Hawaii promises. Enjoy some magical moments as you are wrapped in each other's arms and completely oblivious to anyone else in the surrounding.

  1. Controlled Guest List

When organizing a wedding in your home town, you may have to stretch your guest list to more than what you would like, for matters of respect and obligation. However, as you get ready to have a destination wedding in Hawaii, surely your guest list gets limited to only the really special people in your life that you really truly want with you as begin this chapter in your life- and those who don't quite make the list are also understanding of your problem.

  1. More Affordable Than You Think

Hawaii destination weddings are huge among budget-conscious couples. With so much demand has come variety of services that adjust your stay and cost factoring in your personal budget. More often than not, a wedding in Hawaii may cost much less than a traditional hometown wedding- even after the travel costs! If you are worried about the security of your home whilst you are away, many people have started having home security cameras wireless outdoor fitted in order to be able to monitor them from their smartphones whilst away. This puts their mind at ease, allowing them to enjoy their time away and get ready to have the most magical day of your life, without digging too deep inside your bank account.

About the Author:
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