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Poolenalena Beach - An Often Deserted Paradise in South Maui, Hawaii

Poolenalena Beach - Maui, HawaiiPoolenalena Beach is one of the hidden treasures of Southern Maui in Hawaii.  Located in a secluded cove, this long stretch of fine white sand is often deserted, making it a favorite venue for beach wedding ceremonies. Sunsets here are awesome all year long and make spectacular backdrop for romantic beach weddings.

The beach features a gently sloping shoreline and tranquil waters during summer making it perfect for swimming and other water activities. Lava rock formations at each end of the beach provide spectacular snorkeling spots.

Underwater is a great variety of coral, interesting finger reefs, and tons of fish including chromis, Whitemouth Moray, moorish idol, puffer and wrasse. There are also black lipped pearl oysters, sea urchins and turtles. Whale sightings are common during the months of November through April.

At the back of the beach are lush foliage, kiawe and palm trees, and driftwood logs which offer picturesque spots for picnics and relaxation. Some parts of the beach are so secluded that some sunbathers opt to go au naturel! But it's nothing like Little Beach so you don't have to worry if you have little kids.

While the water at Poolenalena Beach is generally calm in the mornings, winds and waves pick up in the afternoons making the water ideal for boogie boarding. To be safe, visitors are advised to monitor ocean conditions before venturing into the ocean. High surf and strong currents may be present at some time. Observe all postings and warnings.

Facilities include showers (near the south entrance), portable toilets, and parking lots. There are no lifeguards in this beach.

To get to Poolenalena Beach from Wailea, head south down Wailea Alanui Drive. It will change names to Makena Alanui Drive as you pass the sign for the Wailea Golf Club. The turn-off for the beach park will be on your right.

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