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Bellstones - Amazing Historical and Cultural Landmarks in Hawaii

Bellstones of Hawaii - KauaiBellstones can be found on almost every Hawaiian Island. They are usually massive boulders placed in strategic locations to serve as a communication tool during ancient times. When struck in a particular spot, bellstones will resonate a sound which could be heard for great distances. Bellstones were used in ancient Hawaii to signal an important event such as a royal birth or to warn against danger.

One of the most popular bellstones in Hawaii is the pillar rock formation located in Kauai County, near the breathtaking 'Opaeka'a Falls. When rung, the Kauai Bellstone would resonate over a large area of Wailua Valley. This bellstone is located down the hill from two other prominent boulders. These rocks were precisely placed and used to calibrate the Hawaiian calendars to the summer and winter solstices.

Bellstone MauiAnother rock or a stick can be used to strike the stone and produce sound. You may need to try several areas on the stone to find the right spot. It is prohibited to move or deface any of these stones because of their historical and cultural value.

To get to Kauai's bellstone, take Highway 56 south from Kapa'a toward Wailua. Turn right on Highway 580 (Kuamo'o Road). Just after Mile Marker #1 is a dirt road heading back toward the ocean. Follow this road to the end where these two boulders area located. The bellstone is about 100 feet past the guardrail.

There is also a popular bellstone in West Maui. The large volcanic rock sits on the right side of Highway 340 before Mile Marker #16.

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