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Upside Down Waterfall - A Gravity-Defying Attraction on Oahu's Pali Highway

Upside Down Falls Antique Postcard
Hawaii is home to some of the world's most spectacular cascades. Some are easily accessible but most are tucked away in the islands' rainforests and hidden valleys. One of Hawaii's waterfalls that is best viewed from afar is the Waipuhia Falls, aptly nicknamed Upside Down Waterfall, which is visible from the Pali expressway in Oahu.

The Upside Down Waterfall is not your usual waterfalls. Flowing over the edge of a cliff on Mount Konahuanui, powerful northeasterly trade winds, channeled by the location's topography, catches the falling water and draws it up the Canyon even before it reaches the bottom, creating the illusion that the falls is flowing in reverse (watch the video below).

This unique and gravity-defying wonder is only visible along the Pali Highway during wet season, especially after heavy rains, and in the presence of strong winds. There is no lookout platform so it can only be viewed inside the car while driving along the highway, eastbound direction towards Kailua. The falls is on the right hand side of the road.

Photo credit Mike Roberts.


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