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Maui Surfboard Fence - A quirky landmark in Maui, Hawaii

Maui Surfboard Fence - Haiku, HawaiiMaui Surfboard Fence is a colorful landmark located along Kaupakalua Road, just outside Paia on the way to Ho'okipa Beach, in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii. It is actually a collection of over 600 discarded surfboards displayed around a private property.

The fence was the creation of Donald Dettloff who wired his old surfboards onto his fence in anticipation of a hurricane in 1990 to keep them from getting blown away. Whilst most people would build a garden fence to do this, he instead kept adding to his collection until the fence became some sort of a local landmark. Some of the boards were taken by Dettloff from nearby junk shops while others where donated by surfers who would rather see their well-used boards as part of the now iconic fence rather than throw them in the dump.

Dettloff's fence was given the distinction of being the world's largest surfboard collection by the Guinness Book of Records. Today, the surfboard fence is a must-see attraction for both residents and tourists seeking fun off the beaten path. It has been featured in numerous surfing magazines as well as television shows including an episode of "The Amazing Race."

Maui Surfboard Fence is off of Highway 365 and 400 on the Kaupakalua Road. It is on a private neighborhood and along a busy road so enjoy it without causing a commotion. Also note that there is another fence made out of surfboards on Hana Highway around the Kuau area, but that’s not the original surfboard fence.



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