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Manoa Falls - A spectacular waterfall on the island of Oahu

Waterfalls of Hawaii - Manoa FallsManoa Falls is a spectacular waterfall on the island of Oahu.  It features a vertical drop of about 150 feet (46 m) into a small pool. It is accessible from the nearest road by a hike of approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 km) which includes traversing a bamboo forest, rainforest, and base of the Ko'oaus Mountains. At the bottom of the falls is a tiny pool good only for wading.  Swimming and diving are strictly prohibited.

How to get there:

From Waikiki: Take McCully Street out of Waikiki toward the mountains. Turn right onto Kapiolani Blvd. Turn left onto University and drive through the University of Hawaii campus. Turn right onto Manoa Road. This will dead end at the trail head.

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