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Helicopter Tours Over Kauai

Kauai AttractionsHelicopter tours over Kauai, considered as the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands, offer breathtaking aerial views of erupting and dormant volcanoes, lush tropical rain forests with vibrant emerald valleys, jagged soaring sea cliffs, magnificent waterfalls and hidden valleys.

Fly over areas otherwise inaccessible by ground in a variety of helicopters ranging from the most advanced and luxurious Whisperstar, with its soft leather interior and superb sound system, to the door-less Hugh 500, providing unobstructed views of flowing lava. No matter which one you choose, this is an adventure you will never forget!

Flights usually lasts for 45~55 minutes. Marvel at the magnificent views while inspiring music plays on the background.  The experienced and knowledgeable pilots will share with you some of the legends and history of Kauai, the Garden Isle.


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  1. Bond 16 October, 2012 at 10:53 Reply

    Robert’s overnighter’s- rooms/car/airfare diefnrfet combinations. That’s what many of the locals do.Airfare/rooms get a discount. Rooms /car get a discount. you can still go independently wherever you want also book some tours on the side.Robert’s of Hawaii is the name of the company. I’ve used them at least 100 times.So the answer to your question is I reccommend room/car/air packages but choose carefully if you decide to book tours with 15 people in a van, but sometimes that is a better option because the tour guides are top nltch 7 thy cook you BBQ lunch they know places you will never find, but Kauai is a very small island, you can go exploring. A must is a 2.5 mile hike to Hanakapiai, at the end of the road at the wet caves take a short 2,5 mile hike. This is part of an 11 mile hike which you would need a 40 lb. pack stayin for a week. That was one of the best vacations of my life!

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