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Hawaii State Art Museum - A Showcase of Hawaiian Contemporary Art

Hawaii State Art Museum - HonoluluThe Hawaii State Art Museum in Honolulu displays the work of acclaimed Hawaiian artists. It is housed within the second floor of the historic Spanish mission style No. 1 Capitol District Building at South Hotel Street in Honolulu, also refered to as the Hawaii Capital Historic District.

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The museum features mostly contemporary work with few, if any pieces dating before 1960. One of the most prominent pieces on display is the painting "The Discovery of Hawaii" by Herb Kane.

The museum consists of three galleries. In addition to changing temporary exhibitions, there is a permanent display of Hawaiian art. It reflects a mix of Hawaii's ethnic and cultural traditions through 132 works of art by 105 artists. In a wide variety of artistic styles, movements, and media, the exhibition illustrates the varied cultural influences that fuel the creativity of Hawaii's artists.

Apart from paintings, displays include lacework, wood carvings, ceramic pieces, and native works of art on Hawaiian bark cloth. There are also a children's section with multiple interactive displays.

The Hawaii State Art Museum is located at 250 South Hotel Street in Honolulu. It is open Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (except State and Federal holidays). Admission is free at all times.

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