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Diamond Head Beach Park - A Beautiful Spot at the Base of Diamond Head Crater

Diamond Head Beach Park - Oahu, HawaiiThe Diamond Head Beach Park is a two acre seacliff park on the southern slope of Diamond Head Crater, one of the most famous landmarks in Oahu, Hawaii. The park includes a narrow sandy beach fronted by a rocky shelf. Coral reefs and tidepools offshore are popular snorkeling spots.

Locally called Le’ahi, the crater was named Diamond Hill by British sailors who saw small sparkling calcite crystals on the beach sand. The name was eventually changed to Diamond Head, "head" being a shortened version of headland.

The Hawaiian name Le’ahi is a contraction of lae (point of land) and ‘ahi (yellow-fin tuna), and means "point [of the] ‘ahi fish," an attribution to the highest peak on the crater rim that resembles the dorsal fin of the ‘ahi fish.

The swimming conditions in the beach are poor because of the coral reef, but offers  surfers excellent opportunities for the sport. The area is also less crowded compared to the nearby Waikiki Beach. Snorkeling is good if the waves aren't too high.

Apart from the beach, a lookout point is another attraction, offering spectacular ocean views and a great spot to watch surfers ride the waves.

The beach park can be accessed via a long paved path down a seacliff that begins just north of the Diamond Head Lighthouse. Facilities are limited to parking and showers.

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