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Maha'ulepu Beach - One of Kauai's most beautiful beaches

Maha'ulepu Beach - HawaiiLocated on the southeast coast of Kauai is the remote and beautiful Maha'ulepu beach. The area is undeveloped and its ruggedness adds up to its charm. Maha'ulepu Beach typically has strong winds, making it perfect for such activities as wind and kite surfing. The waters can also be good for swimming and snorkeling during extreme calms, which mostly happen in the winter. There are no shower and changing facilities but tourists don't seem to mind.

Swimmers must take to the waters in caution. Currents are strong and big waves breaking on rocks, ledges and reefs can be dangerous. Also watch out for sharp corals.

Aside from its beauty, these beach in Hawaii is also known for its ecological significance. Fossils of extinct birds have been found in sand dunes along its shoreline, including the Kauai Stilt-owl (Grallistrix auceps), a flightless rail, and three species of goose. Also nearby is the paleontologically important Makauwahi Cave.


Occasionally, tourists are greeted by monk seals in the beach where the amusing creatures like to hang out and enjoy the Hawaiian sun.

Maha'ulepu Beach Photo Gallery


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