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Lucoral Museum - Hawaii's Gemstone Museum

Lucoral Museum - Waikiki, HawaiiThe Lucoral Museum is a privately-owned museum showcasing treasures from the sea, such as corals and pearls, as well as different gemstones, jewelry and other objets d'art. It is located along Kuhio Avenue in the heart of Waikiki. The museum was established in 1989 by Flora Lu, a renowned jeweler specializing in coral and pearl jewelry.

Since opening to the public in 1992, the museum has educated visitors about the precious treasures of the earth and ocean through its vast collection of corals, pearls, gemstones and fossils from Hawaii and around the world.

On display in the "Sculpture Room" are a rare collection of sculptures made from precious stones such as Jade, Sodalite, Rose Quartz. The unique and intricately carved pieces are not seen anywhere else  except in museums. Also in this room are smaller specimens of gemstones and fossils.

Another exhibition area is called "Mining Room,"  which was made to look like a cave filled with crystals and raw gemstones. Highlighted here are gemstones from Australia, Hawaiian calcite and Olivine or Peridot with an explanation why this gem is called "Hawaiian Diamonds." Also in the Mining Room is a dinosaur egg fossil a Lava Bomb , a lava rock that kept its aerodynamic shape as it cooled while flying through the air.

Displayed in the "International Room" is a map of the world marked with sites where gemstones are found. Geodes and other forms of rocks are also on display and can be touched and handled by visitors. The room also features a wonderful collection of coral and pearls, including precious coral trees, sculptures made from coral, pearl jewelry, information about corals' various colors, and an explanation why Pearl Harbor was named such.

The museum shop sells jewelry from the Lucoral Hawaii Jewelry and Flora Lu Designs collections. Self-guided tours are free. Jewelry making workshops are also available for minimal fees to pay for gemstones, pearls and materials that will be used.

The Lucoral Museum is located at 2414 Kuhio Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii. It is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.


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