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Kamaee Falls - One of Hawaii's Most Beautiful and Pristine Waterfalls

Kamaee Falls - Hakalau, Big Island, HawaiiKamaee Falls is a relatively new tourist attraction in Hakalau, Big Island, Hawaii, having been opened to the public in 2009 only.  The 100-foot high waterfalls is admired for its pristine state and clear waters.  Unlike most falls on the Big Island which are fueled by runoff from the area's heavy rainfall, Kamaee Falls is fed by water from a lava tube.  Hence, the falls always has a steady stream of water, even in dry months. This is also the reason why its water remains amongst the cleanest in the area.

The falls sits on a private property and can be best viewed via an overlook at the World Botanical Gardens.  Below the falls is a pool of crystal clear water surrounded by lush vegetation. 

The falls is a declared protected watershed as the stream that feeds it is home to some important endemic fish species including the flagtail Kuhlia xenura, the mullet Mugil cephalus, the gobies Awaous guamensis, Lentipes concolor, Sicyopterus stimpsoni and Stenogobius hawaiiensis, and the sleeper goby Eleotris sandwicensis.  Three species are famous for their ability to climb waterfalls to reach higher sections of the streams. These fish are harvested by the state to seed other streams that are not as pristine as Kamaee Falls.

Kamaee Falls is one of the most popular attractions at World Botanical Gardens and Botanical World Adventures.  Apart from the falls and the gardens, there is also a maze and a zipline and other nature activities.  World Botanical Gardens is at Mile Marker 16 on Highway 19 31-240 Old Mamalahoa Highway in Hakalau, Big Island, Hawaii.


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