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Kalihi Ice Ponds - A Hiking Destination in Oahu, Hawaii

Kalihi Ice Ponds (Naohia Falls) - Oahu, HawaiiKalihi Ice Ponds, also called Naohia Falls, are a set of three-tiered waterfalls and pools located in the back of Kalihi Valley in Oahu, Hawaii. The name refers to the fact that the water here is often considerably colder than other Hawaiian streams.

It is accessible via a trail located at the end of Kalihi St. The hike down the falls is pretty easy except for a section which require clambering down some hills. Wear appropriate shoes as these hills can get slippery. The locals who frequent the area have installed ropes to make climbing up and down much easier.

The 10 to 15-feet waterfalls may not be as spectacular as other falls in Oahu but it is still a sight to behold especially after heavy rains. The pool at the bottom is about eight to ten feet deep and is perfect for swimming. Many locals jump from the rocks above into the pool. Be warned though that fresh water in the islands may contain leptospirosis so be cautious if you decide to take a plunge.  Also  look for debris or boulders that may be present under turbid waters and check the depth before jumping into the pool.

To get to Kalihi Ice Ponds, from the H1 Freeway take the Likelike exit towards Kalihi Valley. Continue pass the intersection of Likelike Highway and N. School Street. Just past the intersection, veer slightly right and then make a left turn on to Kalihi Street. From there, simply follow Kalihi Street to the very end. Nalanieha street will intersect with Kalihi Street. Find street parking at the end of this area. It is a residential area so please be mindful of where you decide to park, i.e. carefully obey the No Parking signs.


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