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Glass Beach - A Unique Beach in Hanapepe, Kauai, Hawaii

Glass Beach - Kauai, HawaiiGlass Beach is an unusual beach located near Port Allen Harbor in Hanapepe, Southern Kauai, Hawaii. It is known for the multi-colored sea glass that litter the shore and glitter in the sunshine.

The sea glass came from the nearby industrial garbage dump where bottles and other discarded glass items were dumped about 30 years ago. Years of exposure to Hawaii's massive waves have smoothened the colorful shards, giving them the fascinating jelly bean shape. Sea glass in this beach come in a variety of colors such as brown, green, blue, clear and red. Unfortunately, massive collection over the years has left the beach with only pebble size sea glass. The larger ones have been taken away as souvenirs or for use in jewelry, arts and other crafts.

Glass Beach is best for beach combing and appreciating sea glass only. Situated on an industrial zone, water condition in this area is not safe for swimming and other water activities. Furthermore, ocean bottom is also very rocky.

The views also leave a lot to be desired with an oil refinery facility dominating the hill above the beach. It is out of the way and not worth a trip from north shore but is an interesting stop when you are in the area if only to marvel the transformation of broken bottles and other bits of trash into beautiful, smooth sea glass.

To get there, drive to the Port Allen Exit. Then drive past some warehouses on Waialo Road. Take a left down Aka Ula Road and park where the dirt road begins. From here, it's a two-minute walk to Glass Beach.


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